Salt &Light

The Christian Response to Secularism

Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth.…You are the light of the world.…”

The dawn of the 21st century has marked a turning point for America and much of Western culture. We now find ourselves in a world that is growing increasingly apathetic and even hostile to things religious, and especially to things Christian. How are we as believers to respond? How are we to engage an unbelieving and even resistant culture with the Good News of Jesus Christ in a way that is both winsome and compelling?

Originally founded by Anglican Christians who were concerned with the renewal of their own tradition in North America, Mere Anglicanism recognizes that we are at our best when we are in service to the whole Church of God. Our goal is to help clergy and lay leaders to develop a strong, robust, and intellectually satisfying faith, so that we can once again effectively speak to our culture in a way that deserves a hearing.

Whatever your tradition, we warmly invite you to come and join us for this year’s conference as we learn how to engage the secular culture and to be both Salt and Light in a dark and needy world!  

COST: $169 (includes mp3 downloads of the conference)


is this conference for me?

If you would like to be Salt and Light in this dark and fallen world, then this conference is for you! Mere Anglicanism is an event-oriented organization that provides the tools and resources to disciple, train, and educate lay and clergy leaders. We bring in thinkers and teachers who help people become informed, equipped leaders and who “take theology home with them.” While this conference was developed by Anglicans, we welcome and encourage all those who call Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior to attend.


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